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Hands up if at some stage in your life you have believed if you lift weights you’ll end up looking like this?


The number 1 line I’ve heard from chicks the most in my entire fitness career…..”I DON’T WANT TO BULK UP”

In a club where the norm is performing the 3 key lifts (Bench, Deads, and Squats), and where phenomenal results occur week in week out, every couple of weeks I still hear those dreaded 6 words.  

THIS is what lifting weights actually looks like……..


Many women make a huge mistake when they step foot in the gym. They assume that heavy lifting will turn them into some massive she-hulk.  Think back over the years you have been a gym goer….I can guarantee a lot of you took the same tact……

Do a light warm-up on the mats?

Then head over to the cardio machines for a good 20 or 40 minutes, thinking you’ve gotta burn off that chocolate you devoured last night?

Then, “feel the burn”  with a few rounds of lightweight circuit sets?

Finally, maybe you’d head off to the exercise mats to do endless crunches for 10 to 20 minutes trying to flatten that belly?

The program above illustrates most women’s workout programs. They don’t want to get big and “bulky,” so they gravitate toward exercises they think burn the most calories and “tone” their muscles.

These women actually accomplish very little. They may burn a few hundred calories during the cardio workout, and possibly a hundred more in the circuit training, but they won’t reshape how their bodies look. A complete body transformation cannot take place when you’re pushing daisies instead of iron.

So let’s look at the reasons why women need to get over this fear of ending up looking like the female version of  Arnold Schwarzenegger and just get lifting…….


Take a look at these images……….


So what do you notice about each image?  Great marketing. Mediocre results.  

In every advertisement there is a fit female, with a near “perfect” attractive physique, and they’re all using weights you could lift before you could walk!

Now ladies, do you really think using those baby weights will produce the stimulus responsible for the firm, hard body you long for?  No.  Those ladies used in the images certainly didn’t use those cute coloured weights either.    But when this is the media that is shoved in front of women’s faces daily, of course you are all going to run for the hills at the mere mention of a Bench Press.  

I think we can agree there’s obviously a disconnect between what actually works, and what is being pimped.  These products are merely made to sell.  You won’t ever get that fit, strong body you want, when all you’re lifting are soup cans.  


Basically in a nutshell, women do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to “bulk up” like a man.  Men produce roughly 20 times the amount of testosterone than women.  The role of testosterone in men and women also varies.  In women, the primary role of of production of testosterone is purely for sexual function.  In men testosterone has multiple functions including Body composition – greater quantities of testosterone cause men to have a greater proportion of lean body mass and lower proportion of fat compared to women.  This is why men achieve visibly obvious muscle definition and at a faster rate – their body composition is completely the opposite to a woman.  


A single kilogram of muscle takes a calorie surplus of 9000 calories to be created. That’s thirty cheeseburgers extra you need to eat above your maintenance calories to even think about growing some extra muscle.  And not only do you need to eat those extra burgers, but you need to train specifically to put on size.

Most women don’t consume enough calories to create mass. Think about it this way: when was the last time you purposefully over ate to gain weight? Christmas dinner over-indulgence doesn’t count.

I’m talking purposely consuming more calories than you need, not because of enjoyment, but because you want to gain. When was the last time you forced down extra servings of protein at dinner because it fit your mass-gaining goals? Probably never.

Most women are born restriction eaters. They have a built-in tendency to want to be slimmer.

To become the next version of the incredible hulk, you would have to eat excessive calories daily, add supplementation, and then lift heavy weights on a regular basis. Many women hardly eat enough calories to maintain their current body weight. Getting huge isn’t easy. It won’t happen to you if you learn how to deadlift!


As a Coach,  I encourage women to challenge themselves and discover what their bodies are capable of doing; to see the physical strength they possess rather than basing their self-worth on their physical appearance.  My language with my clients is not “Let’s get you moving and burning some calories today and get you looking amazing”...it’s “What can you achieve today?”.

My coaching is 100% dedicated to making clients as strong as possible, while staying as light as possible.  

Heavy weights will promote strength not size. This has been proven time and time again. If you want size from strength training you have to have a very specific program.  We are talking daily, intense training for each muscle group.  Doing deadlifts once a week in your session cannot turn you into The Rock.  

When lifting heavy weights, the primary stress imposed upon the body is placed on the nervous system, not on the muscles. Therefore, strength will improve by a neurological effect and While you can make muscles bigger from weight training, that’s not a necessary side effect.

Finally here are 3 real life examples that lifting weights won’t make you huge………..  

Jeda – A Grade Netball player.  Completed a 6 week pre-season sports specific program with us.  She didn’t jog casually on the treadmill and do a few curls with her pink 3kg hand weights.  Her program involved nothing but varying types of Barbell Squats, Deadlifts, dumbbell and resistance band work.   She lost a bucket load of centimetres and her physique totally changed.  Did she bulk up and start playing rugby for the Wallabies? Um no.  She’s now a force to be reckoned with on the netball court in defence.  


Ginnie started strength training with us 2 years ago.  Before that she was doing pin loaded circuit weights at the gym and using all the standard “cardio” machines.  

She doesn’t do any other sessions outside of Peak and does strength training, powerlifting and Strongman between 3-5 sessions per week.  

She has now competed in 2 powerlifting comps.  

The most amazing thing about her transformation is she’s dropped less than 5kg in 2 years!!!  

fat vs muscle.jpg

And me.  14months ago,  I started training with Cliff for 3 sessions a week.  These sessions ALL involved heavy lifting with barbells and dumbbells, resistance training, and Strongman.

EVERY session involved squats, deadlifts and bench press.  I lost 12kg in less than 3 months and replaced it with 5kg of muscle mass..  Then steadily dropped another 2kg over the months after that.  

I’m now maintaining weight and I still lift weights MORE often than I do cardio.  I can squat and deadlift well over my own body weight, and almost my own bodyweight in bench press.  

Am I now huge???  NOPE!   Will I keep lifting?  F**k yes!!


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