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On the back of the article I wrote a couple of weeks ago about making health and fitness a lifestyle, rather than a hurdle. It got me thinking about why its viewed this way.
It comes down to value. Actually most things come down to value in life. If you don’t value something, it will always be an “option”.

The only ones who see the value in our product are the ones who stick to exactly what we say. The one’s that don’t listen are the one’s that don’t see the value.
Plain and simply – you don’t listen to us, you’ll get no value at all from our service.

Another massive difference in those who get results and those who don’t is the ones who want to be educated, not just trained. People want a result not an education!
They don’t realise being educated about WHAT they are doing is what gets the results! Our clients who ask a million questions are the ones that get results. And by results I don’t just mean weight loss. Its smashing PB’s, lifting more, moving more, finishing more.

Getting results isn’t only about showing up and doing the work. as Coaches we view every single one of you as an athlete. We make ourselves acutely aware of everything that is going on with you, and we expect you to be equally aware. We will never just stand there with a clipboard and watch you go through the motions. We are constantly educating ourselves on where you are at as an athlete. Its rare that we are quiet or still for any long period of time.

Virginia began training with me 15 months ago. It’s been amazing to see the transformation she has gone through. But most notably in the last 6 months, her results not only in body shape but also in strength have been phenomenal.
Virginia is an extremely hard worker, but equally extremely hard on herself. Rather than understanding the processes her body was going through, she would often get angry at herself if her body didn’t perform, and would unknowingly self sabotage because of it.
So we totally changed the way she trained. I explained everything – the new periodisation of her training, how it would feel, what to expect, and where I wanted her to go. And she began asking loads and loads of questions. EVERY SESSION. In an incredibly short period of time Virginia went from letting her mind work against her body, to forcing them to understand each other. She’s educated, she understands the value in every session, now has an unwavering focus. Virginia is kicking serious ass.

A STORY FROM Virginia Kovacs
Over the last couple of weeks, Maz has been talking a bit about the time it takes to achieve what it is you set out to.

So I wanted to share my journey with you.
I had never set foot in a gym until after I had had the twins. I wonder if I can say that’s when it, started 10 years ago(which also coincides with Cliff entering the industry). the never ending battle to get back into shape after babies.
So I started doing PT twice a week, just turning up doing the exercise and going home. Nothing was mentioned of my diet or eating habits just the exercise.
If I was to be totally honest, I absolutely hated it. It was an inconvenience to my day of screaming babies. I only went to shut Cliff up.
It was the same after Tyler was born, still hated going but did it for someone else. This time i did have some help with my food and it made a bit of a difference and i felt great.
So fast forward to after having Alexis. We were at the PCYC doing the usual thing, it too started out not being about me. There were many days it would have been so easy to just not go, or to say something was up with Bub. Then it became part of my day and I wanted to see what I was capable of.
When I started with Maz , we did a few different things in the “box gym” using all the usual machines doing all the usual exercises and slowly slowly we started to see change but no real results. but I stuck with it, turning up going through the motions.
Now we have our own place and the workouts are completely different, and I really really really want to be here. I had decided this change was for ME.
I have never really had a specific goal in mind, just to do better this week than I did last week. To push myself that little bit harder that little bit further each time. What can I do today that I didn’t do last week.

So after 5 years of false starts and just turning up, the last 1 1/2 years have seen me focus on myself and results for myself. Asking Questions, trying to educate myself a little bit as to why Maz has structured my program the way she has and what benefit it is. And lots of questions. I think I ask a million questions every session, “WHY am I doing it like that?” “WHAT other muscles does that engage?” “So by engaging my abs and locking everything in I can lift that little bit more”.

I was doing some filing the other day and had a quick read of some goals peeps had set themselves and when they wanted to achieve it. There were a lot there that wanted to be fit toned and terrific in a very short period of time.
Sometimes it takes 6 weeks to make it part of your day just turning up.
If you really want to make lasting change there are no quick fixes, hell it might take 6 months to find a program that your body really responds to.
It has taken Maz and I longer than that to find something that has really excited me and gotten me to push even more and my body is rolling with the change. I am stronger now than I have ever been before.
But it has taken time for me to get to this stage and see the improvements made along the way. It has taken some trial and error. It has taken commitment to creating the habit.
Oh and the thing that really annoys me the most is when people ask “what does your husband do?” “He’s Personal Trainer” “ No wonder you’re so skinny”…….HOLD ON! F@@K OFF!! Its me doing the hard work! Not him! and I’m smashing it!!!

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