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Over training. One of the most frustrating problems us as Coaches come across.

When a client comes in and is frequently under performing, has random injuries, is tired, loses focus quickly, us as Coaches can be left scratching our heads wondering why.   

Quite often its diet that’s the problem.  But then after doing a ilttle extra digging, the over training culprit rears its ugly head.  



We get it.  You want to work a certain area and something we gave you made you “feel the burn” right where you wanted it.  So you go home and repeat that exercise, sometimes every day, adding more and more reps, because the more you do it, the more you crave “the burn” and think its doing the world of good.   

Or you want “variety”….so you come to us, you go and do a boxing class, maybe a bit of swimming, spin classes, yoga….because you say to yourself “The more I do the better it is for me right?”  WRONG!!!!!


So then here’s how the situation normally plays out…..every time……

You’re doing all this extra stuff (half the time without telling us).  You start struggling in your sessions, the results start to slow down, random little injuries start to crop up,  so we pull you back a step to fix all the imbalances, you get frustrated by this halt in progress, so you decide its not working, and stop coming, and then leave us to try something else.  


When you join us on a program, we always tell you from the get go to only train with us and only do the work we tell you to do.  Because the work we give you is intense and exhausting, if you are giving us 100% in every session, you don’t NEED to do anything extra.  Your program is designed to get you to achieve your goals.  We literally spend hours per person per month programming.  Every single thing we get you to do with us is goal specific.  So when you start adding in variables of your own, put bluntly, our programming goes to shit.  So do your results.  

If we don’t know what you’re doing outside of your time with us, then we continue to expect a certain level of result and effort, and when this doesn’t happen we are forced to pull you back.  


You have to remember.  Every time you do a few extra reps at home, you do an extra class, you start going to for random workouts with friends at other gyms….your muscles are working and therefore fatiguing every time.  All muscles need recovery.  Inadequate recovery equals fatigue and injury.  

Lets use the core muscles as an example.   Everyone wants to have rock hard abs or a flat belly.  So you start doing mini ab workouts at home everyday.  You keep adding reps over time and doing more and more every day because you think you’re getting stronger so you need to do more and more to feel “the burn”.  But your core muscles aren’t getting any recovery.  So what actually starts happening is other muscles start engaging to try and help out the fatigued core muscles.  But you keep powering through.  Then those assisting muscles AND the core muscles get over trained.  Without realising, small technique changes start creeping in to compensate for the fatigue of all the muscles.  Then imbalances start occurring in the lower back, hips, and hip flexors.  

Worst case scenario, these imbalances then throw out everything else and before you know it, you’ve done yourself a knee injury and you’re off to the physio.   When all of this could have been prevented if you hadn’t overtrained your abs.  


What you have to remember is everything is connected.  When you over train, something’s gotta give.  And it won’t necessarily be the muscles that you overtrained!  Then you’re faced with a much harder road to reaching your goals, because all those imbalances then have to be remedied before you can continue on your merry way!


So if you’re thinking of doing extra classes, adding more “stuff”, doing extra reps of exercises etc….talk to your Coach!  At the end of the day, we are the experts.   

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