fade-leftfade-rightCairns only beginner development program!

Tried and tested methods to help you add plates to your bar!

Powerlifting is an amazing sport,and exploding here in Cairns.

Cairns Powerlifting has been leading the drive and helping people from all levels learn and develop into amazing athletes.

  • Learn the secrets to a stronger and more stable squat
  • Bench more then you ever thought you could
  • Deadlift like a boss
  • Competition and development squads

Jay Mitchell — Had first session last night and I learnt so much, I can feel muscles that I know haven't been worked before .I recommend the cairns powerlifting club to anyone who wants to improve

Joshua Ross

Cairns powerlifting club 10 out of 10 for sure. Cliff works hard at demonstrating and pushes you, guides you through every work step by step without any fuss, I never thought of myself Powerlifting but after the first session i got hooked.

Venesa Howard

Cliff is an awesome coach.. He has corrected my technique and shown me strengthening exercises to improve. After only one testing session I'm already squatting 13kgs more than I ever have.. Looking forward to what is going to happen with bench press and dead lifts.

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