Are you thinking of applying to join the army of police force in the next 6-12 months?

Is your fitness test still a little too challenging for you?

Would you like to be in the best possible shape before you even submit your application?

Urban Athlete is your perfect partner to help you get into the forces. Our expert athlete coaches and ex servicemen have developed the perfect program to help get you over the line and combat fitness ready.
Make no mistake, if you're serious about becoming a serviceman or woman this program is the first step.
  • Do you wanna blitz your entry fitness test?
  • Be the stand out applicant on recruiting day.
  • Do you want to start at a higher level the "minimum"
  • Are you ready to be a leader?
  • Can you set the standard that others will follow?

Only 15 recruits will be accepted into this pre selection program


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