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red arrow program

Welcome to Peak Physiques 3 week Red arrow program.

First off the “legal stuff”

Regular exercise is associated with many health benefits. Increasing physical activity is safe for most people. However, some individuals should check with a physician before they become more physically active. If you feel that you may need further advice before beginning please talk to your doctor.
There is no such thing as a “one size fit all” program. Some people will find this program out side of their capabilities and others may find it too easy. Which ever you are please keep your self safe at all times and don’t push your self to injury.

Min fitness level.

We recommend this program for anyone that is walking/jogging the red arrow on a regular basis and is looking for a little more challenge. It is designed so that anyone can participate, at his or her own level.

Program out line.
This program is broken into 4 workouts, 2 workouts every week, for 3 weeks. It start and ends with a speed test, workouts 1 and 6. There are a few bonus workouts provided for the more “adventurous” and an extra workout for intermediate to advance people.

The workouts.

NOTES< you will always be walking around to left path from the start point . Make sure you take a water bottle

Workout 1- Time Trial. Starting from the sign below simply time your self for one or 2 laps.

Make sure you keep a record of your time


Session 2. 4/2/1


Above are the start points of the 1st stai main stair case, the first set you will need to walk to the top, and return to the bottom of, 4 times.

The second set walk to the top and bottom 2 times.

Then continue along and finish one complete lap of the red arrow. 1 full lap

If you want more of a challenge you can run up the stairs and walk down.


On your first set of stairs try these little add ons.

Set 1- Touch every step with both feet
Set 2- Skip every second step
Set 3- Squat Jump up 10 steps then run 10 steps and repeat until you’re at the top

Session 3- Bounce backs.

This work out will keep your heart rate high so make sure that you take a rest if needed.

During this workout you will be running the “flats” or the track between the start and end of each set of stairs.

Simple walk up each set of stairs, or jog if you can, and then run to the start of the next set, but don’t go up yet. When you reach the bottom of the stairs turn around and run back to the last step on the last set of stairs and then run back to the start of the next set of stairs.

You need to bounce back on EVERY set of stairs on both sides of the hill until you reach the start/end point.

In a nut shell you will either be walking up stairs or running between them.

OPTIONAL- Complete 1 more round of the Red arrow after your bounce back lap.

Session 4- Squat and step.

Now this will get your glutes burning.

This is a very simple workout. I’ve broken it in to 3 levels.

Beginner- 1 Squat every 5 steps
Intermediate- 2 squats every 3 steps
Advanced- 2 squats every 2 steps.

So the workout is very simple. On every staircase, pick your level above, and complete the require squats every X amount of steps.
You need to do this on EVERY staircase all the way around the red arrow track.


Bonus round- for you adventurous peeps at the top of every stair case add 5-10 burpies

Session 5- It’s a hard hard life


This workout includes, walking lunges. Squat jumps and burpies.

So you need to make your way to the top of the arrow as fast as possible. Jogging on the flat section of the track and fast walking up each set of stairs. Your workout will be completed at the top with the best view in the world. ☺

Add image of sprint track and squat track.

From the below sign you will complete the below workout.


Kosak lunges

Walking lunges

walking lunges
10 squat jumps
Kosack lunges

Set 1- Walking lunges to marker A
Sprint back to sign
15 squat jumps
Rest 60 sec
Set 2- Walking lunges to marker A
Sprint back to sign
10 squat jumps
Rest 60 sec
Set 3- Walking lunges to marker A
Sprint back to sign
5 squat jumps
Rest 60 sec
Set 4- Kosack lunges up to top view point

Finish off by completing the rest of the red arrow track.

Session 6- Time Trial, beat your original time

Starting from the sign below simply time your self for one or 2 laps.
Record your time on the sheet provided.


Now the above workouts can be very intense. Feel free to hit us up on our Facebook page and ask us anything you need, even if you would like a partner to do it with.
If your unsure if your ready you can also have a chat to one of our coaches an get some advice to help you along.

We have been running Strength camps in Cairns for 5 years and have helped people with zero exercise experience complete all of the above and even harder versions.