Squat like a powerlifter

To build impressive strength  and break plateaus in squat strength, there are no mystery exercises to take your squat into Elite status. Instead you must master the basics. This 4 hour workshop will give you all the tools you need to take your squat to the next level.  When your squat stalls, everything comes into question – from the obvious things like setup, technique, and programming.

During this seminar you will learn:

-Back squat

-Front squat

-Overhead squat

-Mobility drills to increase squat depth

-Training protocol to increase squat strength

-The best Alternate exercises to help increase your squat ability

-Plus more

Squat plateaus have caused many people to give up lifting, even stop competing. Building a powerful body means you need to spend time in the rack. Without the rack  you'll never really be strong. To be stronger than the average guy you need more than guess work in the gym, For true strength, you need a heavy bar on your back. There's just no way around it.

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Cliff Kovacs is owner and director of Cairns leading powerlifting gym, Cairns Powerlifting Club.

Cliff specialises in outcome-driven, results focused training and nutrition, as well as education for clients.

Cliff is a National Strength and Conditioning Coach. Having developed his skills over the last decade Cliff's systems and methods have been proven, time and time again.


Cliff Kovacs
Cairns Powerlifting Club

Had first session last night and I learnt so much, I can feel muscles that I know haven't been worked before .I recommend the cairns powerlifting club to anyone who wants to improve