Forge the strongest and leanest version of you

Imagine yourself in 12 weeks completely transformed.

8-10kg lighter.

Fitting into all new clothes.

Fitter-Leaner-Stronger and more energetic than ever before.

Perfect for all fitness levels and ages

Find out how it works!

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We've perfected this program, after testing and tweaking to ensure YOU can get the maximum results.

It’s been refined so it works no matter what level of fitness you’re at …

Learn how to get strong and LEAN at the same time.

In 12 week we will redesign your perspection on what true fitnes is..

Over the last 10 years I've worked with beginners and athletes and one thing stands out, If you want to make a change YOU WILL.  The missing link is the Coach and the opportunity for everyday people to stand up and take the first step.

NOW I'm offering you the opportunity to take part in my 12 week Strength camp and truly learn what it takes to be the best version of yourself.

We built this 12 week program to build you into an ATHLETE

  • Experience your greatest gains ever in strength, speed / explosive power, athleticism, conditioning, mental toughness and self confidence.
  • This program has not been created for the normal, average Joe who trains at the local gym looks in the mirror checking their hair and sending text messages between sets.
  • We're rebelling against the glamification of getting fit and "pretty" fitness in general and taken physical and mental preparation into our own hands.

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    This program is limited to 6 people.

    We value your privacy and would never spam you

    You're going to have to earn your place in this program each day.

    Our methods are designed to get more out of you each day, to push you past your comfort zone. The result is a stronger and leaner you. No star jumps and "circuit training"  We utilize old school methods and equipment. Nothing fancy just what works.


    • True Muscle Molding techniques
    • NO BS Workouts
    • The Old School Power
    • Strong as Hell Workouts
    • Power Bodybuilding Training

    Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Team

    Melainna Faaofo

    I had questions and I had doubts coming into this gym. They replaced my questions and doubts with SWEAT/HARD WORK and the THIRST to come back again and again! Best investment I've made on myself Period!!!! Don't miss your chance, to be the better you!

    John Cassimatis

    Excellent coaching and nutritional advice, Highly recommended for all athletes.

    Nadia Anton

    Whoa!! This training has taken me to a whole new level. Coaches push us hard and I'm certain my goals will be reached