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TIME FRAMES – they’re yours. Not anyone else’s.

I’m in my 11th year as a Coach this year.  I’ve literally trained hundreds of clients.  One thing that seems to pop up constantly in all my years coaching is time frames.  Especially in female clients.  

Its very rare that people look at health and fitness as a lifestyle.  It’s viewed as a hurdle.  I hear it all the time – I want to lose x amount in 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks.  There’s no looking beyond these time frames.  And that’s the problem.  People want a quick fix.  There isn’t one.  Everyone is always comparing themselves to everyone else – “my friend is getting awesome results as he’s only 3 weeks into a new boot camp…..so I’m going to join him there”, “my work colleague went on this diet and lost 10kg so I’m going to try it”, “my hubby started cycling everyday and lost x amount, so I’m going to buy a bike too”……….


If you get too wrapped up in what everyone else is achieving you will never achieve anything yourself.  You will continue to jump from program to program chasing an unachievable goal.  A goal that isn’t even yours anymore!  Something isn’t working?  the knee jerk reaction is to blame the program, quit and look for something that might work.  Instead, take a good hard look in the mirror.  Thats where you’ll see the problem.  


One of the absolute hardest things to do is look at ourselves and what we are doing or not doing that is holding us back.  Its an incredibly confronting experience.  I’ve been through on a few occasions.

The first hugely significant,  at the beginning of my body transformation in the middle of last year.  I I had been hit over and over again for 12 months before that with epic life altering experiences (mostly of the negative kind), I had stacked on just over 12 kg, was barely exercising, drinking my feelings, and feeling absolutely crap.   I had gone from being a role model Coach, amazing life, amazing job, and on top of the world…..to textbook client.  

And I blamed my self loathing and my body on everything else, except the blaringly obvious.  I let myself go.  Literally.  I was a shadow of myself.  Each of these blows was another excuse to allow myself to stay in this vicious cycle.  Was way easier than the reality.  

That if I wanted out of this crappy cycle, guess who was going to help me?  Me.  


For the previous months I had meandered my way through a few different fitness protocols, heart not in it at all, because I just wanted a win.  I wanted something external to make me feel better.  


Until one day someone said to me “I don’t know why you’re so worried about losing weight, you look fine how you are”…..I “looked fine”……certainly didn’t fucking feel fine!! That wasn’t a lightbulb moment. It was a Bombshell.   Everyone’s reality is different.  Sure to everyone else, I wasn’t morbidly obese, was an ok fitness level, carried myself well.   To me, I was the biggest and most unfit I have ever been, my self confidence and self worth was at an all time low, and all I wanted was to just feel like good again.  


So I took all my restrictions, time frames, expectations and deadlines and let them go.  And instead,  took a good hard look myself.  I had to stop looking at things as a fixed mindset – if I get to this weight then I’ll feel xyz, If I look like this then I’ll be happy again.  No Maz.  If you do the work, don’t give up, and keep showing up no matter what, that’s what will change you.  

The minute I shifted my mindset, the real Maz became a girl with a new lease on life.  I no longer gave a crap about my progress on the scales or in my clothes.  All I cared about was what I was going to achieve that day.  Didn’t matter what my 100% looked like compared to anyone else.  As long as it was my 100%.  Sure I had my moments.  It wasn’t all daisies and skipping through meadows singing the Sound of Music.  It was fucking hard.  But it was for me.  

In the first 7 weeks I lost 8kg.  And in the 12 months since ,I’ve lost another 6kg.  Totalling 14kg in 15 months.  


Its an awesome achievement.  That’s just numbers though.  The personal transformation I went through and continue to go through is the biggest achievement and what I’m most proud of.  I’ve been hit with horrendous injury and illness, personal setbacks, and challenges during the past 15 months.  But the difference is how I deal with each blow now.  Instead of letting a challenge be an excuse to drop the ball permanently, it’s a stepping stone to come back stronger, wiser, and more determined than before.  To know thats its ok to not be ok.  As long as it doesn’t become the theme song for your life.  


So no matter what you want to achieve, Make the decision that your goals and your journey is just for you.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  You aren’t them.  They aren’t you.  Your journey make take weeks, months, years.  But it’s yours.  You deserve this for you.



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