fade-leftfade-rightThis Fundamentals course is for YOU!!

Learn how to SQUAT, DEADLIFT and BENCH like a pro!

Widely considered as the 'King' of all exercises, the BACK SQUAT, DEADLIFT and the BENCHPRESS should be the foundation to your training plan.

Done correctly they can maximize an athletes gains. Done incorrectly they can spell disaster. Learn or improve on the most effective technique, the finer points and advanced tips on how to be efficient in executing these exercises and learn how to make the most of them in your training.

What this 6 hour workshop will teach you!

  • Techniques of the deadlift
  • Techniques of the benchpress
  • Techniques of the squat
  • Nutrition concepts for Athletes
  • Mobility and recovery protocols
  • Strength training principles
  • Plus more..

Cairns Powerlifting head powerlifting coach Cliff Kovacs will be covering everything you need to know about powerlifting, Strength training, nutrition and recovery and how to lift the BIG 3



Saturday 30th Jan, 10am kick off

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Limited to 10 people only.