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You said it didn’t you???….”In the new year”


As we hurtle towards the “silly” season it’s easy to put everything but parties and Christmas on the back burner.  Including your fitness.  

It’s the end of the year and motivation to train and still work towards your goals can hit an all time low.  

You look at all the social functions you have coming up and the money you need to spend on presents and all of a sudden you find yourself uttering the dreaded 4 words “in the New Year”…..

But the thing is, your goals don’t care what time of year it is.  Your goals don’t care how many social functions you have.  Your goals don’t care how many presents you have to buy.  

Your goals just want to be achieved!  

The “Silly” season should be an extra motivator, not an excuse to drop your bundle few a few weeks.  For some people, the end of the year actually means you have more time on your hands – no uni, no kids at school, work shuts down, annual leave…..a 45 minute workout is only 4% of your day, your fitness doesn’t need to take a hiatus.  

Because before you know it, 4 weeks will turn into 6 weeks, then 8 weeks…then before you know it you’re back to square one and having to start again.  

Think about all the hard work you’ve already done working towards your goals.   Remember how hard it felt when you started?  Remember how you said in every session for the first few weeks “I can’t believe I let myself get to this point”? Remember how you said you will never “let yourself go” like that ever again?  

Why would you put yourself through all of that again?  

If you’ve ever had an illness or injury or any sort of setback that forced you to stop training, you will know how hard it is to start again and how much work it takes to get back to where you were.  And it’s not just about getting your fitness back.  It’s all the mental and emotional hurdles you have to overcome again.  

The worst thing about a setback is you can’t control it.  You can control what you do over the silly season.  Its 100% your choice to make excuses.  And trust me, you will never run out of excuses.  

You aren’t going to undo all that hard work because of a few social engagements and over eating on xmas day.  Training isn’t “pointless” because you might drink a little more and eat a bit of crap.  

I can guarantee you are going to feel a whole lot worse about yourself when the new year hits and you realise you could have completely prevented the damage you did to your goals.  

So make the choice to keep working towards your goals.  Or if you’ve hit a hurdle and were forced to stop training, don’t just write off the rest of the year.  Every day you miss is a day further away from achieving your goals.  Every week you miss is a another week that it’s going to be harder to start again.  Its more damage that has to be undone.  

The New Year isn’t a perfect time to start again and make “New Year’s Resolutions”.  In reality, there is no perfect time to start.   So start now.  Make your Christmas present to yourself being a better version of you BY the new year.  Don’t make the choice to start being a better version of you “in the new year”.  

Christmas is 1 day of the year.  Just 1.  

Stop saying “in the new year” and start saying “how about now!”

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